Our Policy

Our Policy-Your child’s face is important to us.

  •  Time for Face Painting uses PROFESSIONAL quality face paints made by Mehron.
  • Paradise brand face paints are safe and smell great.  Mehron paints are manufactured in the USA using quality ingredients tested by the Researchers and Chemists for standardization, consistency and safety.  Mehron Face Paint is high quality makeup that has been produced in the USA for over 80 years.
  • We use only professional face paints for the safety of the children. In addition, all our brushes and sponges are thoroughly washed and cleaned after every event.
  • We not only pride ourselves on being the best in face painting, but we also take great pride in the cleanliness of our business. We have never had a child with any skin or allergic reaction due to the face paint. We take the extra time and pay the extra money to buy the best.
  • We do not face paint any child who is sick or has any type of skin problems on or around the face.  We practice safe procedures to ensure no illnesses are spread from child to child.